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The Mr. | Personal

Mr. Smith worked out of state before, during, and after our engagement. 
Ooooobviously I missed him more than anything.
During that experience I wrote a personal blog entry that I actually came across today of all ironic days, and I LOVE it.
It reminds me how blessed I am to love that man.
And honor of love on this, Valentines Day, I've re-posted some of those jot-and-tittle-thoughts.


1. EVERY moment spent with someone you love so much as I love that sweet boy, is a fleeting one and should not be wasted in anger or contention.
Obviously the full spectrum of emotions will exist in any healthy relationship, but things should mostly be positive and happy oui? mos def!

2. To my very core of tiniest cores I know he is the rightest (not a word. i know) man for me, because no thing and no one else my whole life long has been worth sacrificing and enduring so much for.

3. That real and raw meaning of sacrifice is much better understood on my part now because of this whole ridiculous situation.

4. As any two people complete a difficult task with help from one another, not only does it make both individuals stronger... it strengthens the bond between those souls as well!

5. I loathe phone talk! But when that's all you've got, you learn to make it work. I'll be the first to admit that my communication skills are sub-par, but I've learned to better relay my ideas and feelings through words-only over these past few months.

6. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, but not without tears and prayers. I mean I still would never wish it upon my worst person.

7. You've heard about how whoever you decide to marry is going to have flaws and habits that make you crazy, and I'm positive that Mr. Smith and I will be no different. But this long distance business has helped me understand that his flaws are minor compared to how great he'll be in real life! You know..beyond a voice over the phone, a picture or a text. To embrace those flaws that come from a person who is physically tangible is something I want above all else! 

I love this man. l o a d s . 

1 comment:

  1. you two are lovely.
    i wish i knew the mister better.
    i feel like i should.

    i love you.
    thanks for the vday text.
    and thinking my heart is like santa.

    i think you're heart is genuine and true and real red too. (red is the color of courage, of power, of strength)