Etre [eh-truh] : French verb meaning "to be". This is the most simple and truthful thing any of us is capable of.
With Etre, my goal is to capture your cherished and important moments in an honest and truthful way through my lens. In short I strive to capture you...simply being you.


Sweating the Small Stuff | Fox Hollow, American Fork, UT

This bride paid great attention to the details of her big day and the result was a STUNNING reception that was so super chic and simplistic. Take a look! 

How perfect are those bridesmaid's bouquets.

I'm in love with all of the bakers twine and burlap.

Not to mention the gourmet doughnut dessert bar!
Even the cake got in on this detail party with the personal touch of hobbies and happenings from the  couple's relationship frosted onto the bottom layer. BEYOND GENIUS.

Lesson of today: Sweating the small stuff TOTALLY pays off!

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