Etre [eh-truh] : French verb meaning "to be". This is the most simple and truthful thing any of us is capable of.
With Etre, my goal is to capture your cherished and important moments in an honest and truthful way through my lens. In short I strive to capture you...simply being you.



Meet bubba. He's the greatest little brother anyone could ever ask for. He is ridiculous. And in this case, that's a good thing. It's actually a great thing. He is the perfect combination of humor, humor, warmheartedness, righteousness, wit, gentlemanly behavior, quirk, class, humor, honor, love, obedience, and humor.

Here we have some class.

wow he must come from one fine gene pool.

and now the quirky-humor combo...

Like I little bro anyone could ever ask for. It's okay, you can be a little bit jealous.

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