Etre [eh-truh] : French verb meaning "to be". This is the most simple and truthful thing any of us is capable of.
With Etre, my goal is to capture your cherished and important moments in an honest and truthful way through my lens. In short I strive to capture you...simply being you.



Ciera and Kayla are these adorable sisters from Texas who I had a blast shooting with. There are both hilarious and super easy-going which made the shoot with them SO much fun!

Could two sisters be any cuter? Doubtful.

I haven't got any sisters, so getting to spend time with these girls was such a great experience as I got to see what a strong, special, and FUN bond sisterhood can be.


this next one is my very favorite.

Ciera and Kayla could not be more opposite in their interests and personalities, but both so full of spunk and wit! True gems I tell ya.

Kayla is the most bubbly and energetic person I've ever met.

And Ciera is the queen of witty humor. Which is most fortunate because witty people happen to be my very most favorite thing ever.

I had such a blast with these girls, and have decided that I need to adopt myself a sister so that I can have someone to share and giggle and cry and craft and talk and exercise with. Ciera and Kayla were the greatest ever and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to spend time with them!

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