Etre [eh-truh] : French verb meaning "to be". This is the most simple and truthful thing any of us is capable of.
With Etre, my goal is to capture your cherished and important moments in an honest and truthful way through my lens. In short I strive to capture you...simply being you.



Hiking always sounds like a really great idea until you're walking up a mountain. 
Way exciting right? 
Yeah well we forgot how easy and fun it is...

Our hike definitely wasn't as action-packed as a trip to six flags or anything... but it was WAY more beautiful than any hot dog on a stick or stuffed hippo I've ever seen at the theme park. 
So our adventure = worth it!

Right at the head of the trail a kind stranger with a crazy dog offered to take our picture.

I thank him for his kindness, and apologize to you for not capturing the crazy dog. 
I was preoccupied with getting away from it.

Isn't it so gorgeous?! Mother nature totally deserves a pat on the back for this spectacle.

And Mr. Smith deserves a pat on the back for being so prepared.

I heart him and his preparedness.

We had to cross the water on these wobbly logs. Good thing we're both exceptional balancers.

Bddddddddddddddd (that's my drumroll noise)...this is where we ended up!
 On top of a waterfall (in case the absence of any waterfall in the picture left you wondering). 
We're on top of it you see.

And we took this triumphant self-portrait before trekking back to the truck. 

Pretty good adventure eh!

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  1. Hanza Banza!! These pictures are fabulous. I am so proud of you! And the maternity pics are GRAND! You rock my socks off.