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couples christmas card ideas.

This last week I got super frustrated trying to come up with simple, quick poses for Mr. Smith and I to use for our Christmas card. When there are only two of you, sometimes the options can seem limited right?! Plus I didn't find much out there that I liked enough to duplicate. 
So... I decided to dedicate a post to the Couples Christmas Card Dilemma 
in hopes that it'll help ease your similar frustrations this time of year.

I came up with 10 simple ideas for couples christmas card ideas...

1. Find a pile of wintery fire wood to use as a fun and unique backdrop

2. Sit on a swing or park bench, and dress it up with garland or ornaments

3. Take a walk in your winter-wear and love on one another a little bit

4. Get rustic and go chop down your own Christmas tree (or just pretend to)

5. Bundle up tight in hats & scarves and take some close-up shots of your beautiful faces

6. Decorate the tree together

7. Warm up by the fire with a steaming hot cup of cocoa

8. Use scrabble tiles or a homemade sign to relay a Christmas message.

9. Wrap a wreath in Christmas lights and create a frame for your faces with it

10. Better yet, wrap yourselves in Christmas lights

Hopefully some of my ideas help get your creative juices flowing as you decide what to put on your couples Christmas card this year. 

Below are some mock-ups of finished cards using the 10 couples Christmas card poses above.

You'd better send me a Christmas card!



  2. super cute han!
    so many great ideas!