Etre [eh-truh] : French verb meaning "to be". This is the most simple and truthful thing any of us is capable of.
With Etre, my goal is to capture your cherished and important moments in an honest and truthful way through my lens. In short I strive to capture you...simply being you.


Aaron and Holly // Engagements

Three weeks until it's official... until they're official actually, and I can hardly wait!

Getting to know these two (and MOB Stephanie who is the best behind-the-scenes assistant I could ask for) has been such a delight. They're silly, and sweet, and genuine, and so is their love.
I can't even put into words how much I appreciate the blessing of  capturing their relationship.

I'll just quit talking now.

They met at school, and had a whirlwind romance that led to his adorable proposal.  
I ended up with more kissing images of these two than anyone in the history of ever. 
SO terrific.
The thistle is the national flower of Scotland, which makes it a pretty fitting flower to stumble upon
when you're taking engagement photos of a real life Scotsman. 
Oh didn't I mention that Aaron is Scottish? Yeah I told you this couple was impeccable.


  1. these are so lovely hanbanana.

  2. I love this so much! Seriously!!!

  3. Thank you so much ladies.